Ice Bucket Challenge Fail Compilation

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Digipack illustrations - thumbnails from the official site. I’ll try and get scans for all of them when the final volume comes out.

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if you skip the first two parts of jojo you skip the only two parts with speedwagon and why would you do that?

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Album Art



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Anonymous asked: I'm honestly pretty disappointed in you for using the TIPS FEDORA shit. These days it's really just an excuse to bully socially awkward guys with bad fashion sense.


I’m honestly pretty disappointed that I spent all that time writing out my thoughts on how people should respect one another’s religious beliefs and you’re upset because I made fun of a fucking hat. There’s a pretty wide gap between something you buy at Target for fourteen bucks and put on your head at a jaunty angle and something around which you frame your entire outlook on life/afterlife.

The internet, when used properly, is a virtually limitless source of information and a window into countless different perspectives. It’s a way of tracking the constantly shifting nature of popular culture and media. If you’re a socially awkward guy with bad fashion sense, there’s a whole whopping fuckpile of places to help you sort your shit out.

Unless you’re Justin Timberlake or a hot girl who works at a bong store in Venice Beach, people are probably gonna give you some shit for wearing a fedora, just like they’ll probably give you some shit for wearing JNCOs, bigass 70s turtlenecks, or Crocs. If you wanna wear that sort of thing, own it. Wear your stupid fucking clothes with pride. 

If you walk into a room full of people who play a lot of video games and say “Aliens: Colonial Marines was awesome!” you’ll probably get mocked and ridiculed, because people who play video games tend to agree that that game, technically speaking, literally sucked the farts out of a dead dog’s ass. If you like it, that’s fine. Nobody’s going to actively prevent you from liking what you like, but you are not your favorite video game and you are not your goddamn stupid hat. You are a human being with hopes and dreams and feelings and emotions that, hopefully, extend beyond what’s on your head or in your Xbox.

However, like it or not, fashion is a thing that exists and will affect how people will perceive you. It’s a form of communication and what you’re wearing will often be the first impression you make on people. Is that bullshit? Absolutely. Will railing against it somehow make you immune to it? No.

I browse r/MaleFashion and  r/MaleFashionAdvice on a semi-regular basis, and while there are a flock of boners on there from time to time, it’s also a handy source of inspiration/insight. And since clothing is often expensive, there’s also r/FrugalMaleFashion.

I’ve worn my fair share of stupid-ass clothing. This isn’t some recent development since I turned into a seven-foot tall handsome man who can get away with Hawaiian shirts and Members Only jackets because hey-look-at-me-I-have-a-girlfriend. I used to be a fat kid who wore raver pants and hoodies I drew all over with Sharpie and Adidas Superstars I spraypainted neon yellow and a homemade pendant made out of the head of a Boba Fett action figure. If I could go back in time and make fun of myself, I would. But before I did that, I’d explain that being made fun of for wearing a stupid shirt or hat or whatever doesn’t mean everyone hates me.

At the end of the day, if you wanna wear a fedora, wear a fedora. If the worst part of being a white dude with a beard and a stupid hat is that people on the internet make fun of you, count yourself lucky. You could be getting shot for being a black dude with Skittles and a hoodie.

Seriously. It’s a hat. Go slam your fingers in the kitchen cabinets you goddamn babies.

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like how can u not like dogs 

esp big dogs like wow


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Just swagged on everyone.

ok, i see you charlie, even though you got on plaid bermuda shorts

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